Rules and Regulations

Leaders in Education Program Rules

Instructions, Guidelines and Requirements:

A. Nomination Requirements

  1. The nominee must have a minimum of three (3) years full-time K-12 education experience.
  2. Multiple nominations from a single school are allowed and encouraged, but in Region 1 there will be only one honoree awarded per school per school year. In Regions 2 through 5 there may be multiple honorees awarded per school per school year. Please see our reference list for eligible areas
  3. Nominees will be accepted in the following educational categories:

    a. Administration

    b. Teachers

    c. Facilities and maintenance support

    d. Counseling, therapeutic and health support

    e. Administrative staff support

  4. If selected, honorees will be invited to attend the annual recognition dinner, usually held in the summer, following the academic year.
  5. For an Official Nominee Application Form please email

B. The Nomination Packet

  1. One copy of the nomination packet is required. It must be filled out completely with all required information, essays and letters. Please DO NOT share with us how the award will be used.
  2. Do NOT place the packet within a binder, folder, or clear plastic cover. Staple the packet in the upper left hand corner only.
  3. Acronyms should NOT be used in the text, unless they are preceded by what they represent (example: Missouri State Teachers Association, MSTA).
  4. The completed nomination packet must contain the following components in this order:

    a. Nominee's Information Sheet

    b. Nominee's Education, Professional/Teaching Experience, and Special Recognition

    c. Nominee's Personal Statements

    d. Letter of Support/Recommendation (maximum of three - one must be from a principal or superintendent)

    e. One 5” x 7” color photo of the nominee (hard copy or high-resolution jpeg file) preferably a school photo or professional headshot


Note: Follow all instructions exactly and completely. Send ONLY the information requested and do NOT exceed the maximum length allowed for each item. In the interest of fairness to all nominees, failure to adhere to these published guidelines will result in disqualification.

C. Send the completed application packet (or additional documents, if you used the on-line form) to:

Maureen Moore
Leaders in Education
2100 Saddleback Trail
Lebanon, IL 62254

The deadline for submission is 30 days after receipt of the application.However, if you require an extension or have questions, please contact

Factors to be Considered by the Selection Committee:

  1. Extent of formal education and degrees held. May also include special achievements like National Board Certification.
  2. Professional profile, including what brought the nominee into education and any personal accomplishments or student achievements.
  3. Ability to identify the most pressing educational issues facing our country and to offer plausible solutions.
  4. Professional development and involvement, including attendance and leadership at meetings and seminars to keep current in their field and the profession, and the extent of which nominees share their personal expertise with colleagues and others.
  5. Letter of support/recommendation from the principal, assistant principal, school administrator or superintendent of their school that includes specific affirmation of contributions to education of children and the profession.
  6. Significant contributions involving, benefiting, and serving students, school, profession, community and society as well as quality of responses (creativity, clarity, conciseness).

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Honorees In Action Videos

2014 - 2015 Honorees

Danielle Kendall

Throop Elementary School

Robert Lescher

Busch Middle School of Character

Denise Heilers

Ferdinand Elementary School

Karen Wendholt

Ferdinand Elementary School

Amber Wetzel

Nancy Hanks Elementary and David Turnham Elementary

Dani Booth

Steamboat Springs High School

Mary Jo Hagedorn

Perry Central Junior-Senior High School

Lance Scranton

Moffat County High School

Melany Neton

Sunset Elementary School